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My typical weekly meal plan below here is a simple Guide to Alkaline V Acid

I  do eat quite a lot of the same things until I get bored but my main aim is to be 80% alkaline 20% acid 

Meaning more greens less meat 

It can be hard and you need to get creative but the results are worth it. 

High Alkaline minimised bloating, helps if you need to shift that extra 5% that wont budge from your tummy amazing vitamins and health benefits all round. 

If you are at the start of your journey wean yourself in, I do this after a holiday binge or just a food binge in general. 

Eat what you normally eat making small changes weekly then daily, don’t go in too hard or your will gas quickly a revert back to old habits this is for a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. 

Last week I tried  Bootea 14 day teatox I am more than happy with the results as I suffer from extreme bloating when I eat high acid foods. 

This tea is promoted as a weight loss ‘skinny tea’ I would never drink something expecting to lose weight but I have studied it and my conclusion is it helps with bloating but everyone’s results are different so please educate yourself before purchasing. 

Any questions happy to answer via Instagram 


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